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100 Moments: An Original Fiction Prompt Challenge
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Welcome to 100Moments

This is an original fiction community, with a HUGE table of 100 prompts for you guys to play with. There are just a few easy steps you need to follow to become part of this community.

Step 1: Join! Fairly obvious right?
Step 2: Sign up at the claims topic. Right here. Please don't post until you're claim has been accepted. You will be notified.
Step 3: Write 100 tales inspired by this table full of lovely prompts here. The html is below the table, so you can add it to your own journal or user info and keep all your friends updated on your progress!

001.touch. 002.taste. 003.smell. 004.sight. 005.sound.
006.yesterday. 007.today. 008.tomorrow. 009.weeks. 010.months.
011.years. 012.alone. 013.together. 014.slow. 015.fast.
016.hot. 017.cold. 018.beginning. 019.end. 020.laughter.
021.misery. 022.hope. 023.despair. 024.finger. 025.toe.
026.naughty. 027.nice. 028.yes. 029.no. 030.walk.
031.run. 032.create. 033.destroy. 034.basic. 035.complicated.
036.messy. 037.immaculate. 038.none. 039.many. 040.birth.
041.death. 042.marriage. 043.fixed. 044.broken. 045.breakfast.
046.lunch. 047.dinner. 048.rain. 049.sun. 050.mine.
051.yours. 052.take. 053.give. 054.beg. 055.borrow.
056.sickness. 057.health. 058.kitchen. 059.bedroom. 060.work.
061.glory. 062.desire. 063.dream. 064.colour. 065.hush.
066.reminisce. 067.habit. 068.saved. 069.innocent. 070.isolated.
071.kiss. 072.desire. 073.tradition. 074.understand. 075.vacation.
076.wish. 077.wonder. 078.strangers. 079.beauty. 080.storm.
081.accident. 082.addicted. 083.affair. 084.fear. 085.story.
086.shoes. 087.education. 088.ocean. 089.shampoo. 090.letter.
091.heartache. 092.dirt. 093.trust. 094.heat. 095.night.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Step 4: When posting please keep all fiction pieces behind an LJ cut. However, there are certain things that should not be behind a cut and that is the form provided here. Please post in the correct format, and remember to tag your posts with your username.

Important Information

1. Post your fics as you go, it prevents completely flooding the community with them.
2. Fics must be at least 200 words long for them to count.
3. The is no deadline. Deadlines = stress and we don't want that. We just want fun.
4. One fic per entry please.
5. Tag with your username.
6. Remember to have fun!

If you have any questions that are not answered here, go to this post and ask away. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible